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At the tender age of 11 years young, I sat in front of my computer with a text document open, teaching myself how to use CSS and HTML after admiring the simplistic websites of a budding design community bound together by video games, Japanese animation, and Adobe Photoshop. In 2007 at 13 years young, I established my first website that morphed into Inky Paper in 2009. Back then, my site displayed niche graphics content that were typical in my small design community: 100px x 100 px icons, transparent images known as "extracted png's," and introductory Photoshop tutorials. The community I learned from embraced and encouraged me until 2010 when many designers matured and pursued other interests, myself included. More and more sites in the community returned 404 errors, and it became the end of an era. As I progressed, I improved in web design and graphic design with each iteration of my website, and I am proud to have harnessed my skill over the years to arrive where I am today as an adult. Today, my site exists as an art portfolio for my creations of the past and future. Happy browsing!